Success tips for new medical interns

Success tips for new medical interns


This article is a reflection on the process and the valuable lessons I learned from my internal medicine residency which I recently completed. I am sharing my experiences to give incoming residents some tips based on the errors I made and from what I observed around me. I will cover the major points below.

I observed that without any prior academic or practical experience in the US, it becomes a difficult and time consuming process for new interns to get accustomed to the foreign system. Prior experience can be gained in the form of completing medical electives in US medical schools. Although the duration of these electives is usually not more than a few months, they provide valuable insights into work processes, performance requirements and culture. Continue reading

Best Practices for Becoming a good resident

There is more to becoming a good resident than just fulfilling the minimum program requirements. You need to possess a competitive edge that allows you to stand out and be a cut above the flock. It’s best to leave a lasting impression during your residency program and once you complete it. This impression is very important, especially if you want to enjoy the benefits of networking, referrals and collaborative opportunities. Continue reading

My Interview Experience – Maliha Azmi

I am writing this to share my experience of interviews, everyone may have a diff experience, but this has been mine and I hope this is helpful…


LOOK  GOOD!!…this is very important…in my experience…although most ppl wear a black suit to the interviews, I got brown just  because it looked good on Continue reading

How to Play the Game

How to play the Game


I am writing this article to clear some misunderstandings regarding how to go about the Match.

I am Zulfiqar Arif, graduate of D.M.C. (batch of 2008) and I have accepted a pre-match from Abington Memorial Hospital, PA, in Internal Medicine (Categorical) for the year 2012.

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Application Questions 2012 Guidance


Hi Everyone

Apologies for being quite late for this article but still I think something is better than nothing. I hope u all find it useful, all the best to all of u for this very important part of your foundation programme 2012 application form.

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Ohio State License & H1 Visa



I am writing this to share my experience of all the paper work after the match. As soon as you match you should immediately get in touch with the coordinator and ask for all the relevant paper work. Do not shy away from calling and repeatedly contacting him/her. Don’t be rude but be persistent as they have lots of work to do and some times your work can slip off their mind. So a gentle reminder can be helpful to both.

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Canadian Residency

If you are amongst the few people who plan on doing their residency in Canada, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Majority, if not all, Canadian Residency programs, will require you to be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • A great CV will get you far, an AWESOME CV will get your farther
  • You will have to clear the MCCEE (Medical Council of Canada Evaluation Exam) to apply, and the MCCQE1(Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Exam Part 1) once you Continue reading